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From running shoes to IV poles

In one week I went from finishing the New York City Marathon to inpatient status on IV medications.

It was pretty much the opposite of a couch to 5k plan and more like the 26.2 miles to hospital bed plan.

For me there are several different physical and emotional aspects that I have to process before accepting a hospitalization. When I catch a cold it always causes me to feel fear because I don't know how this cold will effect my lungs - will I get over it, will I need oral antibiotics or IV antibiotics?  Once the cold sets in and I feel the side effects of cystic fibrosis I start to feel the wrath of how terrible this disease can be - a cough that rattles my bones, the never ending mucus that clogs my airways, breathlessness, little sleep and aching lungs. Then comes the anxiety - the anxiety kicks in because the thoughts that this could be my new normal, that my lung function will never go back up and the thought that this breathless feeling could become permanent and the beginn…

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